Cass Davis

Raising Girls    2019

Aspect Ratio Gallery LITHIUM Gallery

Video installation + Performance,
Photographic installation,
Cinema view here

Performance at LITHIUM Gallery, June 2019. Screening of Raising Girls, sound and performance collaboration with CSO Cellist Katinka Kleijn. Performance documentation by Farah Salem.

Davis and Kleijn attempt to divine the inherent sounds from within textiles, bodies, and exhaustive tension. A phenomenological expedition fully heard but only seen with the light from Davis’ video Raising Girls.

Raising Girls parses out gender, sexuality and patriarchy within Evangelical America. It explores the gendering of girls, James Dobson’s pardon of serial killer and rapist Ted Bundy, reclamation of sacred feminine spaces, play, innocence, and the queer gaze. Frames of the video move between what feels like archival images, to crime scene photos, to glimpses of intimate bodies. Flashbacks form an afterimage that burns a memory that is mesmerizingly difficult to reconstruct. Through sound and image, Davis and Kleijn propose new ways of accessing embodied trauma.

*Special thanks to artists María Luisa Conlon, Polly Jane, Ona Siân, and Chloe Cucinotta

Raising Girls, Photographic installation.